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KRO Announces Ragnarok Online 3rd Job Class

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Posted 09 September 2009 - 03:05 AM

kRO Announces Ragnarok Online 3rd Job Class
March 1, 2008 · Filed Under Ragnarok
Great news! The world of Rune Midgard will never be the same.

kRO has just announced the names of the new 3rd Job Classes for Ragnarok Online. According to Doddler: “You must be level 99 in order to change into third class. You can change as either 99 base class, or 99 trans class. The primary advantage of going transcendent before becoming third class is that you of course have access to the advanced skills that trans classes offer.”

This is exciting news. It means that there’s still life after 99 Transcendent… I can’t wait.

Check out the names of the 3rd Job Classes after the break plus some unofficial notes on what some classes can do.

Here are the names of the new Ragnarok 3rd Job Classes:

Rune Knight (Changes from Knight, Lord Knight)
Warlock (Changes from Wizard, High Wizard)
Ranger (Changes from Hunter, Sniper)
Arc Bishop (Changes from Priest, High Priest)
Guillotine Cross (Changes from Assassin, Assassin Cross)
Mechanic (Changes from Black Smith, White Smith)
Royal Guard (Changes from Crusader, Paladin)
Shura (Changes from Monk, Champion)
Sorcerer (Changes from Sage, Professor)
Dark Chaser (Changes from Rogue, Chaser)
Generic (Changes from Alchemist, Creator)
Minstrel (Changes from Bard, Clown)
Wanderer (Changes from Dancer, Gypsy)

Finally, here are some UNOFFICIAL abilities of some of the classes from Ragnarok Guide

Priest –> Archbishop

Males appear like those serious members of the clergy. Females look like the pope in the Rachel temple.

■Improved existing supportive skills.
■Many new anti-Demon/Undead skills will be added. However selecting them will reduce the effectiveness or lose out on some of the supportive skills.
■Added skills that allows Archbishop to do physical melee damage.
Assassin –> Guillotine Cross

The Guillotine Cross looks like Loki. Armors are made of bones and sharp tusks.

■There is a DPS (Damage per second) which is very strong but when the skill fail, there will be consequences.
■Many different types of poison will be added. In addition, it will be armed with new skills using poisons.
Blacksmith –> Mechanic

The Mechanic is the job of 3rd Blacksmith. The mechanic’s sprite has only one garment.

■They can create more new weapons. They can now create auto-attack items for the transcendent.
■Improved skills using items rather than direct physical battle.


i checked this for my self and my friends farther knows someone who works there and this info is 100% true but i dont know how long it will take for this server to get the infromation idk if it takes them a while to get the updates from the offical ro or if they get it the day after idk how ti works dosent matter i know within 2 years we will have the third jbo classes YEHA!!!!!!! :D :D :D

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Posted 09 September 2009 - 03:08 AM

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